Attract and hire the best talent, with job ad videos, starting at $999

Our Job Journalists™ bring your job ads to life to help you reach more candidates, and get better quality applications (all in under 14 days).

"Turning our JDs into video's have a been a game changer for us. We're reaching a wider candidate pool and they're previewing our culture before they get in touch - its our unfair advantage."Geoff Keast, CEO

We film, edit ready-to-publish job ad videos

Job postings with video, have a 34% greater application rate

And job applications with a video to watch get a 12% higher click rate than those without.Video reaches more people, hands down.A well-made recruitment video can attract, entice and, motivate the right candidate to apply.

Reach a wider candidate pool with video

Video job descriptions can be used in conjunction with your written job posting, but they are also perfect for posting and advertising on other channels:- Post them to your company
- YouTube channel
- Share them on your social media channels
- Boost the posts to get more exposure and reach
- Include your video when listing on your preferred job site
- Have your current employees share the link with their network

Show, don't tell

Humanise your brand, job applicants want to know how they are going to fit within your company. By showcasing successful individuals, company leaders, and organizational culture, prospective applicants can start to envision what their life could look like with your business.Your videos can be an easy way for prospective applicants to "meet" your existing team.

Jump-start your hiring with video

Your customers already love you, now turn that love into tangible content that will drive conversion with real social proof.

How it works

We interview and understand

Our Job Journalists™ interview the key people on your team, to understand your company, its values and the role that you're hiring for.

We plan, shoot and edit

We'll shoot and produce key elements of the video that fit the best format for a video job description.

We polish and deliver

We'll send a final version to you for approval, ready to publish. For any new roles that come up, we can quickly roll out new edits.

Bring your job ads to life from only $999 per video

Humanize your brand, and turn your text-based job description into an engaging showcase of an awesome opportunity to work at your company.

Jump-start your hiring with video. Get in touch.

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Who are we? Meet Denym & Alex

We've worked for B2B SaaS companies since 2014 helping them build and scale marketing and sales.We've seen first hand the power video has had on acquiring and selling products, and how much this has been lacking in recruitment. Why has job recruitment not joined us in 2022?Our mission is to make attracting and hiring the best talent your superpower, thanks to job description videos.Denym & Alex, Founders of heythere

Meet our Job Journalists™

Our job journalists spend their time to learn about your company, your culture, and the people your new hire is going to work with. They'll uncover the great reasons why people love to work for your company, and help to bring this to life, in your job video.

Meet Andy

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Video ads starting from $999 per video

Get a dedicated Job Journalist™

Get a dedicated Job Journalist™

Meet Andy

Meet Jamie